Illusytration of relationship between corrupt pliticians and money

Why Fight Corruption and Strive to Restore Integrity to Our Republic?

America is suffering today from a crisis of trust in its institutions.

Here at Truth Action Project, we accept that the actual cause of the loss of trust is a well-founded belief that our institutions are profoundly corrupted at their core. Evidence for this claim is demonstrated by a preposterous Warren Commission Report that qualifies as a cover up of a state crime; there is the 9/11 Cover Up of building demolitions, attack on the Pentagon, and later the Anthrax attack on the Senate. among other events, all of which correlate with a decline of trust in government since the early 1960’s. The loss of trust is the result of crimes not being prosecuted.

As a result, unchecked economic and political power of the military / banking / Big Pharma industrial complex, has led to a string of state crimes, and the lack of accounting for these crimes has led to increased concentration of power and wealth.

A plutocratic, oligarchic cabal, though seemingly divergent and fickle, in fact, do exercise concerted effort to dominate society and culture through technology, finance, health, defense, surveillance, information, and perception management. Within mainstream media we are witnessing the suppression of dissent and full blown censorship of truth narratives that challenge the official story, be it JFK or September 11 or the origins of SARS Cov2 and the subsequent Covid ‘pandemic,’ and the fraudulent Federal Covid Response that prioritizes experimental use vaccines over early treatment.

Political parties cannot address issues of state crimes because they are compromised by campaign finance by corporations and wealthy individuals. Mainstream media is also compromised by its ownership by a financial ruling class that curates the information it dispenses. Consequently, the American consciousness has been conditioned by an official narrative that hides the role of deep state / plutocratic elements that have undermined our democracy from the time of the Revolution in 1776.

The psychological effects of suffering trauma from crimes against our democracy and other false flag events, create confusion and doubt about what truly happened. Can the official narrative be trusted? There are justifiable reasons to not trust the Government.
The country has become deeply divided between those who accept the official narratives, and those that don’t. TAP endeavors to bridge this divide by providing reasoned analysis and thoughtful reflection on what has brought this divide about and how it may be bridged by truth telling complemented by evidence.

In light of these findings, Truth Action Project resolves to build a mass movement with a civic goal—the collective application of honesty by our politicians, integrity in our public servants and corporate leadership, all impelled by respect for the Constitution, for democratic controls, and for popular sovereignty.
We want to help build a movement of 3% of the population committed to the cause of reforming our republic by calling out the corruption, and demanding reform and prosecution of the malfeasance.

We endeavor to move society toward a more ethical foundation of government that is characterized by respect for human freedom, dignity, autonomy, and self-governance, association of free laborers to collectively bargain for optimal conditions. To achieve this, the oligarchy and the plutocratic power structure must be held to account for generations of crimes against democracy.

Though many Americans have profound differences on matters of politics, policy, and beliefs, TAP’s mission is to transcend these differences and build common cause in favor of broad interests for preserving civil rights, and restoring integrity to our republic.

At the civic level, TAP seeks to attract enough people to create a significant constituency for a “Truth Agenda”, eventually to be expressed in a Truth Legislative Agenda, aimed at rooting out corruption and self-dealing from local, state and national government leadership. Reforming campaign finance of elections is a key imperative for action.

However, we recognize that popular culture, and society at large, remains under the influence of a concerted campaign from mainstream media sources to control the narrative and thereby control the populace with stories of lone gunmen, Muslim terrorists, and now, a deadly virus.

To counter act this, TAP proposes to build communities of integrity from the ground up, based on face-to-face primary relationships and activism.  These relationships will be nourished and sustained by a shared quest for the truth about our social, political and economic reality.

TAP seeks to build a ‘deeply felt community’ of relationships of activists that will grow out of our a common commitment to civic engagement and a belief that “truth demands action”. Our “counter-narrative” to Official Versions of reality, endeavors to inspire and empower our membership and others in society to speak truth to power and penetrate the inner life of corrupted institutions and thereby  accelerate the process of change and renewal. 

Importantly, the TAP community will also engage its members in resisting attacks on its civil liberties, and Freedom generally, in the name of all Americans and for the integrity of our republic and quality of our democracy.

JOIN TAP today, support grass roots activism, and work for the change we need.