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Who Owns the World? Two Documentaries Answer the Question

TAP is happy to provide a link to Tim Gielen’s 1 hour video on the question of who owns the world in his Monopoly: Who Owns the World? As a bonus we provide the link to another film: JFK to 9/11: Everything is a Rich Man’s Trick.

Truth Action Project recognizes that a ruling plutocracy has been instrumental in the loss of liberty and expansion of a global financial elite. Furthermore, as Gielen observes in his 1 hour introduction (which suggests more videos to come) the ecological devastation associated with the profligate use of fossil fuels was caused by the plutocracy denying the science and pursuing profits over conservation.

In a clever play on the internet, Gielen takes the viewer through a few quick clicks of the mouse to show from sources including Wikipedia, Yahoo news, and other mainstream sources, who the .0001% are that control virtually all major supply chains and products in the global economy.

Gielen repeats: this is not a ‘conspiracy theory’, pointing to the facts he has displayed. His purpose is to show that there is a plutocratic elite in the form of 3 key institutional investment houses, that are driving what is happening in society today. He also shows the interplay between non-government organizations, corporate business interests and state institutions to create a vast association of power.

That Gielen gives former President Trump a pass for any malfeasance he has contributed and points to the Clinton and Obama administrations, he does implicate the Bush family as being members of the plutocracy that pulls the strings in national and global affairs.

Here at TAP we believe that the Truth Movement is non-partisan because the American republic is not for any one single group. We are all in this together, and as Gielen points out, it is the .0001% that is the problem, and that is the nut that needs to be unpacked.

We call on each other to know our history so that we may be cognizant of how powerful people play the people. Gielen takes the viewer into the present era and poses that the Covid pandemic is another power grab by the financial elites.

Gielen’s video is a must see, but in a way, his story line evokes the story told by Francis Richard Donnolly in JFK to 9/11: Everything is a Rich Man’s Trick. The author of this video documentary provides an examination of the rise of the American national security state through the eyes of American industrialists who bank rolled the rise of NAZI power, and formed the OSS , CIA and a burgeoning military industrial complex. His is a fascinating history we are not told about in high school but which provides a preface to the story Gielen tells about monopoly power.

Here is link to Gielen’s video

Here is link to Donnelly documentary; Everything is a Rich Man’s Trick