Wall Street, the NAZI’s and Crimes by the Deep State Revealed in Damning Report.


David A. Hughes


The response to the “Covid-19 pandemic” has much in common with the birth of the Third Reich. Agamben (2021, 8), for example, likens the emergency legislation passed in 2020 to the suspension of the Weimar Constitution in 1933, and Davis (2021b) explains how, through a raft of legislation being rammed through Parliament while the population’s attention is focused elsewhere, the UK is being turned into a constitutional dictatorship. UK government agencies now have the mandates to commit crimes with impunity; protests will be effectively criminalized or shut down under extraordinary police powers; online dissent will be censored; and journalists will no longer be allowed to report any information deemed contrary to the “national interest” (Davis 2021b).

The “Covid-19 pandemic” functions as the Big Lie on which this is all premised, i.e. a lie so huge that ordinary people would not imagine it to be possible.

TAP Editor: this essay is thorough and well cited. David Hughes takes the reader into the ‘unspeakable,’ to use the term from Thomas Merton. In short order, Hughes lays out the history of the deep state and the relationship with the banking elites. This essay sets out the outline for an indictment of the oligarchic plutocracy that has shaped so much of our history. This should be required reading for all who seek the unvarnished truth about the roots for what we are experiencing today. Chuck. Read in full by clicking the link below.