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Understanding ‘Deep Politics’ by Peter Dale Scott Explains ‘Deep State’ in American History

Truth Action Project endeavors to speak truth to power by citing the work of truth tellers like Peter Dale Scott. Let us not forget state crimes. Knowing about them will help us forge a path into the future. Understanding ‘deep politics’ and how it shows up in the ‘deep state’ are critical for advancing the cause of truth. is a treasure trove of information. Read and learn.

Tentacles of the deep state emanate from the Capitol building

Peter Dale Scott is considered the father of “Deep Politics” — the study of hidden permanent institutions and interests whose influence on the political realm transcends the elected, appointed and career officials who come and go.

Daniel Ellsberg said of his book Drugs, Oil and War, “It makes most academic and journalistic explanations of our past and current interventions read like government propaganda written for children.”
What follows is based on a recent Scott lecture entitled “The JFK Assassination and Other Deep Events,” and will be expanded on further in his next book, The American Deep State.

Here is the opening to an critical essay for understanding the foundations of the deep state:

From Peter Dale Scott: “

For some time now, I have been analyzing American history in the light of what I have called structural deep events: events, like the JFK assassination, the Watergate break-in, Iran-Contra, or 9/11, which repeatedly involve law-breaking or violence, are mysterious to begin with, are embedded in ongoing covert processes, have political consequences that enlarge covert government, and are subsequently covered up by systematic falsifications in the mainstream media and internal government records.

The more I study these deep events, the more I see suggestive similarities between them, increasing the possibility that they are not unrelated external intrusions on American history, but parts of an endemic process, sharing to some degree or other a common source.

For example, one factor linking Dallas, Watergate, Iran-Contra, and 9/11, has been the involvement in all four deep events of personnel involved in America’s highest-level emergency planning, known since the 1950s as Continuity of Government (COG) planning, or more colloquially inside the Pentagon as “the Doomsday Project.” A few of these actors may have been located at the top, as overseers of the secret COG system. Others – including some I shall talk about today – were located further down in its secret communications network.”

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