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Truth Action Project Recommends Elizabeth Woodworth for Cutting Through Fog of War; Sharp Reasoning Cuts Through False Narratives

Woodworth is an important voice in the independent media movement. Read her work to learn how the Covid ‘pandemic’ has been manipulated and contrived. She connects the dots in a convincing and compelling way. Below is a link to her archive at Global Research: she covers a range of topics but her insights on the Covid Pandemic and the September 11 cover-up are important contributions to the cause of truth.

Archive: https://www.globalresearch.ca/author/elizabeth-woodworth

Check out her report below on the ‘strategic window’ that has opened; she is warning we should act to fully expose the manipulations around Covid before the false narrative is fully established. Mainstream media has reported Congress intends to convene a commission like the 9/11 Commission to review ‘what happened’ with the Federal Covid Response. In other words, another cover-up is in the works. Woodworth provides evidence of malfeasance, but the movement must press for and demand accountability.

The Collapse of the COVID Narrative: A Brief Strategic Window to Regain Our Democracies
Dedication: To the convoy truckers of Canada to whom we owe so much


Check out this article that examines the irony that CNN is calling out ‘dis’ and ‘mis’ information. Woodworth observes democracy is at stake and censorship is applied against public health experts.
Titled: COVID-19 and the Shadowy “Trusted News Initiative”
How it Methodically Censors Top World Public Health Experts Using an Early Warning System

Excerpt: [Big Pharma] use “influencers” – falsely independent “experts”, including specialist journalists, think tank facilitators, and academics whose research is funded by industry or government.
Regarding Covid-19, Dr. Piers Robinson, co-director of the Organisation for Propaganda Studies, has judged, “It wouldn’t be an underestimation to say that this is probably one of the biggest propaganda operations that we have seen in history,” concluding “what happens is down to how people resist and how much force and coercion the authorities use.”[lxiv]
Indeed, the very foundation of democracy is that public wisdom should be consulted and given its head in self-rule. The public has the constitutional right to full information to form and express its own conclusions and does not need a coordinated TNI to corral and contain it.


Check out video link: In her interview she discusses how she woke up to the reality of 9/11 and how potential treatments for Covid-19 were discredited in order to force through the emergency use authorization of the Covid mRNA “vaccines.”