Headshot of JFK, Malcolm X, RFK and Martin Luther King

TAP Tapping Into the Freedom Movement

Is freedom and liberty really possible without stopping the impunity by which deep state operators commit crimes against our democracy?

A preponderance of evidence shows that on multiple occasions agents of the deep state in the United States government have conducted operations that qualify as crimes against our democracy.

No matter what ‘belief’ or political viewpoint one holds on the matter of America being a ‘democracy,’ a constitutional republic, or a constitutional oligarchy, the fact is, evidence shows that unaccountable agents who operate covertly and opaquely, have conducted numerous operations that have denied the will of the people to authentically be represented in our constitutional republic over the course of several generations.

Think: Jim Crow, First Nations treaty violations, JFK; MLK; RFK; Malcolm; Fred Hampton, and others.

To be clear, non-Whites, and women, have historically not been afforded the franchise much less democratic representation, but this essay only focuses on the broader case of state crimes that impact the whole of republic.

In the end, we the people, share in common the experience of living in a stolen country accomplished by way of its deep state operators. The shadow of state crimes need to be considered as the freedom movement seeks freedom from unlawful state overreach.

David Talbot in his book The Devils’ Chessboard details some of the most atrocious state crimes conducted by Alan Dulles and the oligarchy whose interests he advanced.

For example, foreign ‘crimes against democracy’ occurred in the Congo, Iran, Chile, Guatemala, and most egregious, are the domestic state crimes committed against American political servants like John F. Kennedy, Robert F. Kennedy, Malcolm X, Martin Luther King, and Fred Hampton, that young Black Panther who sought to unite whites and black working classes in a common struggle. Most recently, now we the people experience the Covid ‘pandemic’ and lockdowns and mandatory vaccines, another crime against democracy.

The point is that our nation, our country’s democratic systems, have been thoroughly corrupted by the actions of deep state operators who act at the behest of a plutocratic oligarchy. The plutocracy has put profits and capitalist market domination into an unholy union with American national security.

The September 11th, 2001 events, which triggered the rise of 9/11 Truth Movement, also gave rise to new National Security powers embedded in 9/11 Patriot Act, an ironically named 1,000 page tome prepared and ready for legislative approval. Notably, two Senators sought discussion that was squelched under the false flag anthrax attacks on the Senate soon after being introduced.

It is naive to think we are anything but a captured nation, held tightly by a ruling plutocracy through its proxies in the deep state.

TAP seems well positioned to speak to this phenomenon and make critique about crimes that have crippled our democracy.

The Truth Action Project motto states ‘truth demands action,’ which impels TAP to take a stand toward advancing a movement that broadly appeals to the national desire for freedom and liberty.

The biggest threat to our potential for democracy and freedom ironically comes from the military that supposedly exists to defend our republic. But imperialism is not democracy.

We are not free when a military industrial complex is able to lobby for a 750 million dollar annual military budget not to mention the sum of money spent on other programs like space, national security, Big Pharma, and so on. Nor is the nation free when the CIA can commit crimes without accountability. We are not free when state crimes against democracy go unpunished.

There are few willing to call out the malfeasance; the history of the 1960’s assassinations cast a dark shadow on what people are willing to criticize.

Recently, I read an essay by Ralph Nader in which he repeated his classic denunciation of the power of corporations. He made his appeal for a movement to limit the power of corporations and presumably would replace that power with power by government agencies held in trust by elected officials not beholden to corporate overlords, a noble vision for sure.

Ralph Nader’s appeal in many respects hits the mark. But as members of the truth community know, or recognize, Nader’s message is silent on the darker aspects of corporate hegemony in its ownership of state agencies (regulatory capture), and the role the plutocracy plays in securing agency within the state itself, especially through the CIA, but also as we are experiencing under the Covid mandates, the FDA / CDC / NIH cabal.

It isn’t that Nader doesn’t address this issue of plutocratic corruption, which he does by acknowledging the need for campaign finance reform, arguing against the Citizen United supreme court decision, but the point is that he backs off making a full blown denunciation of the plutocracy and its fundamentally evil control of the United State government.

Nader, for example, isn’t overtly against the American imperial project; he limits his message to denouncing corporations and advances a progressive vision of an America where consumers are protected by government agency, but he offers no ambition for a reformed national security state, or a reining in of the military industrial complex, something I believe needs be done.

Similarly, Noam Chomsky is very comfortable denouncing the American imperial project and naming the CIA, for example, as a criminal organization that works against other nations’ democracies, as in Iran, Guatemala and Chile. But Chomsky is silent about domestic state crimes as in the case of the JFK assassination, and 9/11, for example.

Fortunately, journalists like Max Blumenthal of The Grey Zone do speak to the problem of the national security state and the power of the CIA. There are many other independent media sources that speak to the problem of the plutocratic power structure and the loss of liberty, as does 9/11truth.org, which has compiled a treasure trove of evidence documenting the state crimes.

TAP endeavors to trumpet and amplify the best that independent media has to offer.

Truth Action Project stands poised to advance the call around reclaiming the fundamental constitutional foundation of the country on principles like securing the general welfare, defending basic liberties embedded in our Bill of Rights, securing 14th Amendment right for equal protection, and other constitutional guarantees for liberty. Tragically for our democracy, corporate rights have expanded while human constitutional rights have declined.

Against the rise of corporate and state power, there is a world wide freedom movement, and TAP is positioned with its commitment to truth telling to provide a philosophical ballast that can enable the broader freedom movement to withstand the violent winds of reprisal and recrimination that will come.

I dare speak for TAP and say we stand in solidarity with the front line groups defying the lies of government: Lawyers Committee for 9/11 Truth; Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth, and for those in the contemporary struggle against Covid mandates like Del Bigtree at The Highwire; Children’s Health Defense and Robert Kennedy, and Jimmy Dore, et al.

The medical freedom movement stands opposed to vaccine mandates and encroaching techno-totalitarianism implicit in mandates. The anti-covid vaccine mandate lobby opposes the World Economic Forum and its project to enable the people ‘own nothing and be happy,” a phrase that captures the goal of the plutocracy to make people into renters of everything.

And elsewhere, are groups fighting the digitalization of currency by proposing local currencies to combat the centralization of monetary supply. Catherine Austin Fitts speaks to this issue in a series on Children’s Heath Defense TV.

Truth Action Project does not have a prescription for achieving unity, but we are positioning our organization to participate in the freedom cause. We know the nature of the corruption that impedes freedom, so we offer a clearing on our web platform and social media sites to talk about our common cause and explore ways to engage collectively with the aim of taking back our country from the power structure that controls our fate, but against which the freedom movement asserts its destiny.

TAP’s on board in the struggle to restore integrity to our government.

By Chuck Fall