a screen shot photo of the richard gage unleashed podcast showing the faces of our team, left to right, Bill, Trina, Xiola and Michael A.

TAP Media Team Members Meet with Richard Gage; Promote Truth Booths and TAP’s Mission

Our Truth Booth organizer, Matt Van Slyke arranged with Richard for us to meet up and discuss what Truth Action Project is up to and the importance of building the truth movement through direct engagement with the public.

The Truth Booth features 12 exhibits from the Lawyers Committee on 9/11 that show the obvious case of controlled demolition of the towers and Building #7. The purpose is to educate the public about the cover up of the September 11 attacks. However, the ultimate purpose of building out a Truth Booth movement is to invite the public to take action and make a difference.

Here at TAP we recognize that society is grappling with a history of malfeasance and a legacy from the power elite that makes our movement seem quaint; a kind of ‘nice try but you’ve lost; the people have drunk the koolaid; you can’t undo three generations of propaganda’.

We should not dismiss the value of meeting with others and speaking frankly and honestly about the wrong-doing. We can break the spell of the ‘official narrative’ by being present and sharing our truth. This is all we can do; and so by at least doing it, getting out there, in public and meeting and talking, we can feel alive and engaged in an effort to speak truth to power.

Check out Richard Gage Unleashed! We all love Richard, and his wife Gail; we want to be on their team, and we know we are.

Chuck, Chief Cheerleader