Shifting Attitude by Trump / Republican Voters Shows Where Left and Right can find Common Ground: in Demand For Truth And Action. See essay by D. Cooper with remark from Greenwall.

Daryl Cooper is highlighted by Glen Greenwall for his analysis of shifting attitudes among Republican / Trump voters. The 2020 election was an eye opener for how the press and media control narratives and give one side an advantage.

Cooper concludes that the right wing disillusionment centers on a growing awareness that government tells lies in order to control political outcomes. Members of the truth community know this, but for a group that normally trusts their government, the challenges to Trump from the national security agencies, and later claims about the integrity of the 2022 election, have caused people on the right to doubt the official narratives. Many of Trump followers are deeply skeptical about the government claims on multiple levels. The Truth Movement can and should reach out to this constituency and explore community building. TAP may be such a community.

Check out Glen Greenwall’s substack post where he remarks and shares Cooper’s essay.