Bruce Levine, Psychologist and Critic Makes Call to Resist Illegitimate Authority

Truth Action Project endeavors to highlight and amplify messages that speaks to movement building. The topic, ‘resisting illegitimate authority,’ is what got our attention. As many other posts address the issue of propaganda and the development of mass formation in the general population, those of us concerned about making a difference by advancing a liberation coalition would do well to listen to the analysis of Bruce Levin, a clinical psychologist and author. This video shows how to think about the nature of dissent, being a dissident, and how to think about ‘illegitimate authority.’ This interview occurred back in 2018.

Here is the link to his website:

But Lauren Steiner is also interesting for her interesting analysis and way of thinking about the Democratic Party and advancing a progressive ‘revolution’ for change. She says that Bernie Saunders should have dropped out of the Senate to organize the ‘revolution’ he said he was about. But, he didn’t and he disappointed a lot of people.

Which way the movement? That is the question. Check it out on Steiner’s you tube channel.