Mark Crispin Miller Explains History Through Lens of Propaganda

Miller provides Historic Panorama that Connects 1960’s to 9/11 to Covid 1984. Excellent Lecture. Honest and Hard Hitting! Young Academics pose questions which shows hope for the future.

This lecture and discussion provides a definitive analysis of the experience of living in a highly propagandized world.

Miller describes his exile from the Academia for his dissident viewpoint, which got him labeled a ‘conspiracy theorist.’ This wonderful and beautiful and marvelous and tragic review of history through the lens of propaganda, is very enlightening and should be foundational to the truth movement.

This video shows young academics grappling with the task of living in a world built around lies. Mark Crispin Miller verges on prophet for his honesty and cutting to the truth analysis.

Check it out. It is a must watch in full.