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Mass Delusional Psychosis; Really? It’s in the News

In this article we are featuring links to two articles by an interesting writer, Kim Goldberg from Canada, who criticizes leftist for accepting without debate the official response to the SARS Cov2 and the mandate to vaccinate. She explores the problem of being in a world with people who do not question and explores the theme of Mass Formation; aka mass delusional psychosis, and other terms. Below we provide for easy reading some excerpts from the Chris Martenson interview with the Belgium academic and author, Desmet.

Here is a link to an article by Goldberg on how the left has been duped.

Here is a link to her subsequent article where she develops remarks about mass formation psychosis.

Here is a link to a Dr. Robert Malone article where he discusses the issue of mass psychosis

Here is the link to the Martenson / Desmet interview from the Peak Prosperity website

Is it really possible that a sizable portion of the American and European populations are experiencing mass delusion, a form of mass psychosis, or ‘mass formation’ to use a modern term for collective hypnosis?

It sounds preposterous; after all, we are a modern society, with a ‘free’ press; how could a large number of Americans become involved in mass formation? This is the question interviewer Chris Martenson explores with Professor Mattias Desmet from Belgium, and the author of Psychology of Totalitarianism.

Martenson “discusses [Desmet’s] work that connects past historical episodes of what is called “Mass Formation” (aka Mass Psychosis) and current events. We are on a dark path, fueled by dim actors who are pulling on our emotional strings to create fear and isolation in order to push their agenda of technocratic control of our lives, dreams of transhumanism, and using vaccine passports as a first step on a path to overt totalitarianism.”

These are strong claims, and anyone remotely concerned about state power / Corporate oligarchy, violating civil rights with vaccine mandates and travel passports, then this is must view, or read the transcript if that is more convenient.

At the outbreak of Covid19 cases in Europe and the USA, Professor Desmet considered the numbers and noticed that the official proclamations and warnings about the danger of SARS Cov2 didn’t measure up relative to the actual fatalities he was seeing.

Professor Desmet says: “From the beginning, I took a critical perspective…[and]… I had the feeling [that something was off.] I studied the figures into statistics and I noticed immediately…that the dangerousness of the virus was overestimated. When I studied the mortality rates, the infection fatality rate, the case fatality rate, also the models of issued by Imperial College in London, which were the basis of the corona measures worldwide, I think, or at least in Europe and in the states. When I studied all these figures, graphs, statistics and the mathematical models, I immediately had the impression that the dangerousness of the virus was overestimated. And in my opinion, by the end of May 2020, this was proving beyond doubt.”

Controlling the narrative by controlling the numbers would be necessary for inducing in the people a compliance to vaccine mandates, lockdowns; closing down businesses; quarantine. The professor explains that by April and May of 2020 he noticed how the media messaged a fear campaign about a disease that was not very deadly relatively speaking. He explains how a media campaign induced a mass hypnosis.

The professor says: “How was it possible that a society went through a process like this or didn’t see anymore… the way we behaved was absurd and counterproductive, and that took me a few months … to understand…what was that? What was happening in society was a large scale process of crowd formation or mass formation…, in psychology …it seems strange to me that it took me so long because I had been lecturing on this process for quite some years before, and it shows me, I think, how difficult it is if an entire population or entire society has grasped in a certain strong psychological process how difficult it is as an individual to step back and to look from a distance and to understand why this happened. So but around in August 2020, I wrote an opinion paper on mass formation, and that was the moment when I really started to understand what was happening in the at the psychological level.”

This interview is pretty heavy thing to consider but anyone interested in knowing what is going on, who wants to know the truth about the Covid event, needs to listen / watch the interview; our freedom may depend on it. He makes a compelling case for how the mass mind is formed into a state of compliance.

Desmet goes on to explain how this process of mass formation occurs and is possible. I accept the argument and can say that I experience it everyday watching TV, tracking my Yahoo News feeds that deliver a relentless media machine that closes it report with “getting the vaccine and the booster is the best protection from Covid…”

Desmet says: “So this process of mass formation…has huge, huge disadvantages; first is that the field of attention really gets very narrow. People only see what the narrative indicates, and that’s something typical for hypnosis.… He will only be aware of the part of reality, uh, the hypnotist focuses on, and that’s exactly the same in the mask formation. So in my estimation, people are only aware of the part of reality, both cognitively and emotionally that is indicated by the by the hypnotizing or by that by the mass narrative. And that that’s the reason why people don’t seem to be aware of the of the collateral damage of the measures in one way or another.“

Desmet went on to discuss the collateral damage in negative health outcomes from the ‘protective measure;’ lockdowns, business closure, isolation and so on.

Martenson and Desmet discuss the divide in society between those who accept the mandates without skepticism and become compliant citizens in an emerging techno-totalitarianism, and those that resist. Speaking up about the problem is critical, and he highlights the need for dissident voices.

Desmet says: “And I think we we do not only have to speak for ourselves, we also have to speak for the people who believe in the narrative because in the end, it will be clear that they need a dissident voice and and and that that that that without this dissident voice, the system will close and will become radically self-destructive. And I think maybe we can also learn something from them at certain points. I mean, but we have to try to establish an open conversation as much as possible as possible in society.”

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