black and white photo of a crowd marching and their backs are to us with a woman in front of the camera shot holding a sign that says "we are better than this!"

Loss of Trust in Government is Opportunity to Build Movement to Restore Democracy, Demand Honest Government and Integrity from our Politicians: People Rise Up for Truth!

The article linked below from Children’s Health Defense shows that we are in a period vulnerable to demagoguery. But the study concludes with a question: how do we build confidence in democracy and the republican form of government when people distrust government as essentially corrupt and some seek comfort in strong leaders? TAP offers this post as a challenge statement to the Truth Movement. How do we cultivate a democratic answer to an emerging techno-totalitarianism?

The article reads:

“A growing number of people view their elections, and their elected representatives, as flawed and untrustworthy, according to the latest AmericasBarometer survey.

“People are losing faith in democracy throughout the Western Hemisphere.
Across North, Central and South America, and parts of the Caribbean, only 63% of the public expressed support for democracy in 2021.
This is a main takeaway from the most recent Americas Barometer surveys we have conducted every other year: Support for democracy has declined by almost 10% since 2004.”

“More confidence needed”
“Modern democracies are supposed to translate the people’s voice into politics through elected representatives.
But across the Americas, the public is losing faith in that system. A growing number of eligible voters prefer to see people whom they consider to be strong leaders run the government — even if that means skipping elections or overturning their results.”
“In our view, unless citizens everywhere from Alaska to Argentina regain confidence in the integrity of their elections and representative institutions, democracy across the Americas will remain endangered.”