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Documentary Exposes Kagan Family as Deep State Actors for New American Century

What a story. Titled: A Very Heavy Agenda, this 3 part video documentary by Robbie Martin,, looks into the Neoconservative movement through the lens of the Kagan family, agents for the military industrial complex.

In Part I, Robert Kagan is most prominently displayed, but later and central to the story is the role of State Department employee, Victoria Neuland, prominent in the US sponsored Maidan Coup against the Yanukovych government in 2014. She is the wife of Robert Kagan, a historian and founding member with William Kristol of the New American Century think tank in the 1990’s.

The long video exposes the deep ties between state agencies, the military industrial complex, and the key actors that have shepherded a relentless campaign to deprive the American people of the ‘peace dividend’ we and the world were entitled to, at the end of the Cold War when the Berlin Wall came down.

This documentary unreels as a collage of scenes from the 1990s through to Donald Trump’s win at the Republican Primary in 2016 that are spliced together with a biopic of the Kagan family. The patriarch, Don Kagan worked in the Reagan administration, but it is his sons Robert and Fred, and their wives Victora Neuland and Kimberly Kagan, who are introduced over the course of series. This family is at the center of the Neoconservative movement which includes other notables like William Kristol, Dan Senor, and other state actors like Elliot Abrams, Eric Edelman, James Kirchik, and many others.

This story reveals how the private sector through think tanks feed influence into government agencies through elected officials and ties to people in power. They serve as advisors, staffers, and high level diplomats.

This long series, (part 3 is over three hours), is a walk down memory lane for those alive and conscious in the 1990’s. For others it is educational about how power is played.

We are reminded of the collapse of the Berlin Wall and the prospect for a ‘peace dividend.’ This film explains why there was not a peace dividend and why instead there was a drive toward perpetual warfare. Indeed, watching this movie, made in 2015, but which includes footage of the rise of the Trump presidency, makes a strong case that the current war in Ukraine is the result of a relentless drive by the Neoconservative Movement to cripple Russia as a world power.

This documentary vindicates those who say NATO pushed Russia into war in Ukraine. A Heavy Agenda shows a key family at the heart of the military industrial complex. It shows an extended family advancing the agenda for the plutocratic oligarchy.

The long film ends with a tribute to President Eisenhower’s warning to the nation about the rise of the military industrial complex. President Kennedy heeded Eisenhower’s warning and pushed back against the national security / deep state and was assassinated for it. In recent history, we see the hubris of the oligarchy in the NATO war against Serbia, the events of 9/11 and the subsequent wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, and now Ukraine. Since there has been no accountability, Neocons and their people in the deep state have acted with impunity. However, from journalists like Robbie Martin, we can at least bear witness to the crime of the Neoconservative Movement and its pursuit of relentless war, a boondoggle to the military industrial complex.

The events of 9/11 are in the background in this story, and the author makes no move to discuss the actors behind 9/11 nor make speculation. This documentary provides a historic review of the Project for the New American Century and how it anticipated the value for 9/11 as an instrumental event that would give cause to expand American Military Power, and dash any hope for a peace dividend. If one asks, who benefits from 9/11, this documentary shows that it is the military industrial complex.