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Geopolitics and Empire Podcast Host Interviews Dutch Professor and Author of Book that Finds Covid a Pretense to Push Digital Identity Passport Systems

Professor Kees van der Pijl discusses his new book which explains how the virus crisis is a fraud and cover for political seizure of power. The medical emergency is just a pretext for digital identity passport systems. He discusses the players behind this ruling oligarchy whose concentration is unprecedented in history. Elites are using a strategy of tension to subjugate an otherwise unruly global populace which has been on the verge of 1848-style revolution. The medical phase of the coup can turn toward war (e.g. Russia) as another means of consolidating rule. The ruling class believes they have a small window of time to cement their power on the heels of the historic AI revolution. He explains the mechanisms by which the oligarchy is able to impose worldwide regulatory processes on entire continents and how China is cooperating in this ‘ultra-imperialism’ with the West. He’s optimistic that the political project that is Covid can’t go on for much longer, will fall apart, and that they do not yet possess the technology required to roll out a total digital control system. A core group of society is also increasingly rejecting their insane vision of the future.

The Professor suggests at the end of the interview that window of opportunity to resist the inevitable push toward techno-totalitarianism is closing. Insightful analysis of the plutocracy.