Grant Julian Assange Asylum; Stand in Solidarity for Right to Publish about Corruption and Malfeasance; Oppose his Extradition to USA for Federal Prosecution

One voice fighting for freedom to publish and whistle blow about wrongdoing is Julian Assange. Though he is not a hero of the 9/11 Truth Movement, he is a figurehead for the right to publish freely reports from whistleblowers. Assange’s defiance of national security and military state operations has made him a target of those he has exposed.

Truth Action Project recognizes the importance of independent media and whistleblowers who make transparent government and corporate programs that live in the shadows and corruptly work against democracy. We stand in solidarity with the Assange Defense effort to prevent Assange’s extradition to the USA.

We note media from Oregon’s Pacific Green Party that identifies the abusive application of the World War 1 era Espionage Act in the case of Nathaniel Hale, who followed his conscience and revealed what he believed a war crime.

Assange is being persecuted for a 2010 leak from Chelsea Manning that revealed an abuse of military power and for this he is being pursued, to punish him with a virtual life sentence in US Federal Penitentiary. Free Assange, protect whistleblowers from persecution, and demand transparency and accountability for acts of malfeasance.