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Former Firefighter, Dale Pierce, Connects Dots to Show Fraud in September 11th Attacks, Building 7 Collapse, and Iraq War

By Dale Pierce,
Former Team Leader of Firefighters for AE911Truth 


Why can’t most people connect the dots between Iraq, 9/11 and World Trade Center 7 (WTC 7)?

l lost a son in the Iraq war and can say it started with the rumors of weapons of mass destruction, spread to the masses via Mainstream Media (“MSM”).  With fear as the driving force, it was only a matter of time before we descended into madness and endless wars. This is the same MSM that left families like ours with unanswered questions about 9/11.  The outrage I felt witnessing the steel being hauled off to be melted down and denying the world a forensic investigation before sending our loved ones into war was cruel. 

As a father and veteran firefighter, I had a talk with my son, Noah, about the dangers of joining the military before 9/11 but for reasons of his own, he enlisted just a few weeks before 9/11, not two weeks after, as legend states. They needed heroes and my son was chosen. 

When it was decided to go into Iraq I had no choice but to show Noah the evidence and if true, not only he, but our troops would be killing innocent people due to the fraud of 9/11 and legally and morally the U.S. could not go to war.

But our nation was in a mass-psychosis event and the majority were not coming back anytime soon. The feeling of revenge was like a drug and like zombies they followed their TV sets into darkness; the facts be damned.  The Military Industrial Complex took full advantage of the energy source of our denial, and they would ride it for 20 years, plundering country after country and sending us the tax bill in the trillions of dollars.

Both of Noah’s grandfathers fought and killed in WWII.  My father had fought in the Battle of the Hurtgen Forest in Germany, so it’s not like there were virgins in our families.  Noah’s choices found him in the Battle of Fallujah.  On this night he was the driver.  This was the best job as you didn’t have to do the killing yourself, you just waited outside.  It was the goons in the back of his Humvee who would be entering people’s homes and doing their dirty work.  This was payback for Blackwater in the killing of their employees that were burned and hung off a bridge in Fallujah. The goons would go searching for weapons then provoke arguments and eliminate men of age then load up; leaving families screaming uncontrollably, crying into the night (sounds that would haunt our troops for the rest of their short lives), only to drive to the next house and do the same thing over again, house after house, for 46 straight nights.

After the war when Noah got home his physical appearance was shocking to see; however, knowing the truth – that was not unexpected.  If living through the war itself wasn’t bad enough, dealing with ill-health effects of toxic water served by Haliburton to our troops was unimaginable. The toll was too much for Noah and he told me so a week before he chugged a bottle of Jack Daniels, put his dog tag between his head and a .38 and pulled the trigger, leaving us all a message most of you don’t care to understand. 

Toxic water was served to many our troops and was quickly swept under the rug.  If you don’t believe evil exists and even the nicest people can be demonic, simply ask the person next to you how they feel about the toxic water issue or WTC 7 and you’ll see that so few know about either one of them or even care.

Silenced by social media, MSM and most of society, those of us who question the “official narratives,” turned to our professionals.  They should have been the first line of defense against corruption and going into unnecessary wars but only for them to pull rank and warp reality, as only deluded individuals could regress to child-like behavior.  Their disturbing explanations, makes me as worried, as to their hidden depravities.

In separate conversations with two employees from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (“NOAA”), one an engineer and the other a scientist, I asked the engineer about WTC 7:  

The engineer’s response was:  “Why would our government do that?
Me:                  You’re making it political!
His wife:         So, what if they did it? How does it affect you?
Me:                  I lost a son in Iraq.
His wife:         Go play your Gold Star somewhere else!”
I asked the scientist about his mask and if he believed it worked against Covid-19, as he just tried to light a cigarette with it on.  Claiming he was a scientist and fully vaccinated, while looking down on me, I saw the same fear in his eyes as people over 9/11:  
The scientist said:  “I assume you’re unvaccinated.”
Me:                  I prefer not to have aborted fetal cell tissue injected into me, like MRC-5.”
I know that he knew about WTC 7 and the feeling I got was like bolting the bar room door shut from the inside and then asking:  
“What about WTC 7?”
Scientist:        Taking a long drag off his cigarette and holding it in, thinking about his answer and not understanding the capacity I was operating under, he then slowly exhaled, and replied:  
“Now that was ‘weird’.”

So here it is, WTC 7 is the essence of it all and our professionals failed us and were followed like a herd of sheep.  Lured with paychecks, pensions, and investments; life is too good for them to look at evidence and if I could have a fair debate with them, it would be a verbal sword fight to the death; only they’ll have to live with what they know for the rest of their lives.    

As scientists, you are trained to spot fraud.  As scientists and public servants, it is your obligation to bring fraud to light.  Not only did you all not use your scientific knowledge to spot fraud on 9/11, but some of you also used your credentials to promote and prolong fraud.  Either you didn’t catch the fraud of a controlled demolition, or you are saying that steel is no longer a reliable building component, and we must find a new component to replace all steel framed, high-rise buildings.  Twenty years later nothing has changed with building codes, and you have failed as a scientist with 8th grade physics, as WTC 7 fell at free-fall acceleration.  See, https://ine.uaf.edu/wtc7, Final Report, University of Alaska Fairbanks by J. Leroy Hulsey, Ph.D, P.E., S.E., A Structural Reevaluation of the Collapse of World Trade Center 7-March 2020

Your negligence set in motion the herd effect as most other professionals have followed your lead.  Below are some examples that your silence as leaders has had on societal confidence and trust through the following professions: 

Architects and Engineers:  Can’t account for the collapse of building WTC 7, so they stay silent; except for some of the most duty-bound with a sense of obligation to question official narrative.

Attorneys:  Most remain silent; however, the Lawyers’ Committee for 9/11 Inquiry filed a Petition (LC DOJ GRAND JURY PETITION) with its accompanying 60 exhibits (EXHIBITS INDEX — Grand Jury Petition), now awaiting to be presented to a Federal Grand Jury in New York City.

Firefighters/First Responders:  These brave men and women are left with no manual on how to fight a fire in a steel framed, high-rise building as the National Institute of Standards and Technology (“NIST”), claims that small office fires can bring them down:

“But truthfully, I don’t really know.  We’ve had trouble getting a handle on Building No. 7.” – Dr. S. Shyam Sunder, Acting Director Building and Fire Research Laboratory 

Imagine the psychological effect this has on firefighters not knowing if the building they are going into will collapse in on them. One such firefighter is a personal friend of mine, and a friend to many, Rudy Dent, FDNY, a 32-year veteran, describes in an interview his personal account of WTC 7’s freefall: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6xwbpbGN7QQ.

As scientists, did you not observe that very few people in the clean-up crews wore masks or PPE in what had to be such a contaminated environment?  First responders were exposed to toxins in the WTC complexes and thousands of them are now dying a very horrible death due to the side effects.  As a result of your negligence, we now have over 110,000 first responders and survivors suffering the effects:  https://tinyurl.com/911Statistics.

In addition, firefighter suicides are skyrocketing according to The Firefighter Behavioral Health Alliance: https://www.ffbha.org/.

The psychological community is watching and predicting more suicides among firefighters, as they are truly public servants and when confronted with these facts, their embarrassment in the public eye is too much to bear.

Geologists:  Know that jet fuel can’t melt steel.

Gold Star Mothers:  In America, these are mothers who lost a child to war.  They followed to the point of denying all evidence of fraud on 9/11 or were too afraid to stand alone on these issues. They acted like the toxic water served in Iraq to our troops, their children, was normal. 

Journalists:  On 9/11, Dan Rather reported the truth, but since then most journalists remain silent on the issues:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XL3kL0nXZvk.

Law Enforcement

  1. Spoilage of a crime scene (Fire Engineering Magazine, January 1, 2002 – https://tinyurl.com/FireEngineering;
  2. Evidence of explosives (EXHIBITS INDEX — Grand Jury Petition); 
  3. The results, a 20-year war; and
  4. The FBI had to acknowledge AE911truth’s thorough research and analyses: https://tinyurl.com/FBIacknowledgment.    

Military: The problem is our troops are killing and being killed with these unanswered questions haunting them day in and day out, adding to the 22 suicides per day.

Pilots:  Crash axes are carried in cockpits and are no match for box cutters.

Politicians:  Where are they on these issues?

Religious Community:  Your silence is telling.

U.S. Citizens:  In the age of information, ignorance is a choice and they have failed at their civic duty. 

What’s left of the steel we so desperately wanted to see 20 years ago, is now on display throughout the U.S. in places like Napa, California’s City Square and Martinez, California’s Amtrak Station.  These public displays of evidence show me how delusional our views are, and a once great nation is now openly mocked. 

As a veteran firefighter and saturation diver (Divers Institute of Technology, Seattle WA, Class of 1982), I was trained in explosives, specifically shaped charges.  In these displays I see evidence of mailable and molten steel, a hole the size of a dinner plate that is clearly from a shaped charge.  Why can’t you see this?

I ask all of you to look at the evidence and then choose a side because as it stands now, most of you are in massive violation of your code of ethics and civic duties.  Either file a code of ethics violation with the American Institute of Architects (“AIA”) against AE911truth for using “fake science” or you must do so against the AIA for dereliction of duty. 

To date, all these unanswered questions from the scientific community are causing our military families, firefighters, law enforcement and humanity at large, to endure undue hardship and needless suffering.  Your decision to side with the official narrative at this point can no longer be blamed on cognitive dissonance; you have looked at the evidence as if it were child pornography and with free will you decided to violate your own code of ethics.  And in doing so, you have abandoned your obligations to us, the public, the environment, and the United States Constitution.

Dale Pierce, Former Team Leader of Firefighters for AE911Truth