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Ed Curtin, Leader In The Truth Movement; Calls out Deep Politics of Government Malfeasance

Ed Curtin is a unique voice in the truth movement. He makes a lot of sense and is worth spending time getting to know. I have read his collection of essays in a book that I highly recommend.

We have two web links to three Ed Curtin videos: one with Geopolitics and Empire, another short testimonial on the 20th anniversary of the September 11 events, and the third with Robert F. Kennedy Jr. All worth taking in.

From Geopolitics and Empire Hosts Ed Curtin on 9/11 truth; open the link and click on the odyssey platform supported video.

See this brief testimonial from Ed Curtin on ‘smelling a rat,’ and the need to be skeptical and discerning.

Hosted by Children’s Health Defense, Ed and Robert Kennedy look at the history of the Kennedy family in government and as an antagonist to the CIA and national security state system.