James Corbett : ‘What Kind of Revolution is it to Be?’ ‘A Revolution of Mind’. Lecture from 2016 Proves Prescient.

This is the second part of a the Corbett Report from 2016 when James discusses the challenge of building the Truth Movement in the fog of propaganda war. He highlights what TAP is up against in terms of reaching people and building the ranks. He takes you through a fascinating history lesson and gets exactly to the place Truth Action Project finds itself, on the front line of talking about propaganda, state crimes and the globalist technocracy that is pushing society into techno-totalitarianism. Check out the episode below.

Episode 231 – The Revolution of the Mind by Corbett Report, James Corbett.

“We live in an era of upheaval with the word “revolution” on the tip of many a tongue. But what kind of revolution is it to be? Join us this week on the podcast as we scour the secret text of Emmanuel Goldstein and the scientific philosophy of Thomas Kuhn in search of the only revolution that matters: the revolution of the mind.”


Episode 230 -Here is the preceding episode to round out the lecture. You may want to start here if you have the time though he gives a summary in 231 of episode 230. This is what truth movement is up against: technocracy.