a picture of two hands one hold a covid 19 vaccine vial and the other holding a tube labeled prueba covid-19

Author Paula Jardine Reviews Goals and Objectives of the Covid 9/11 Event; or Should We Say Covid 1984? Shows How Big Pharma Plays the American People

The links below by author Pauline Jardine show her four part series about the Big Pharma incursion into the vaccine mandate; she shows a plan has been in the works for several years. The backstory on Big Pharma / Gates, et al. association goes back a generation, and Jardine has carved out a journalistic niche exposing the corruption and collusion and even conspiracies at work.

If the adage ‘follow the money’ to explain a motive, Jardine shows that but also shows the interest by Big Tech / Plutocracy / Military Industrial Complex in developing the capacity to control and monitor the population. Jardin explains the Big Pharma role in Covid 9/11.

See the links below:

https://www.conservativewoman.co.uk/author/paulajardine/ see bio on the author