Author Pauline Jardine reviews goals and objectives of the Covid 9/11 event; or should we say Covid 1984? Shows how Big Pharma plays the American people.

The links below by author Pauline Jardine show her 4 part series about the Big Pharma incursion into the vaccine mandate; she shows a plan has been in the works for several years. The backstory on Big Pharma / Gates et al association goes back a generation, and Jardine has carved out a journalistic niche exposing the corruption and collusion and even conspiracies at work.

If the adage ‘follow the money’ to explain a motive, Jardine shows that but also shows the interest by Big Tech / Plutocracy / Military Industrial Complex in developing the capacity to control and monitor the population. Jardin explains the Big Pharma role in Covid 9/11.

See the links below: see bio on the author