TAP’S mission:
To reclaim and restore civil liberties that have eroded under a lack of accountability and transparency by government, media, and mega-corporations.

We seek to:

  • Stand in solidarity with like-minded people and organizations, to bridge differences and build alliances, to advance a unifying message for freedom and justice;
  • Reveal and oppose corruption, censorship, domestic surveillance, and fear campaigns;
  • Promote independent media and expand its reach to inform the citizenry and defend America's founding Constitutional principles;
  • Support legal actions to hold those responsible for violations of civil rights and crimes against the Republic; and
  • Restore and prevent future violations of civil rights and liberties.


Truth Action Project endeavors to build a mass movement that will restore integrity to our government and restore protections enumerated within our Bill of Rights by shining the light of truth about the history of corruption and deceit that has caused our Republic to be stolen, and the nation corrupted and, our democracy and civil liberties to be curtailed. This is a call to action to ‘we the people’ to reclaim our country from those endeavoring to limit our liberty and freedom.

America has always prided itself on its inheritance of democracy derived from centuries of evolution. Though imperfect, that inheritance has enabled Americans to walk proudly in the world. What does a nation such as ours do when it finds out that its faith in integrity has been abused?


The Truth Action Project was initiated by volunteers in the 9/11 Truth Movement, who have studied evidence compiled by many independent researchers that conclude the official narratives are fundamentally false, and a deliberate deception to which many of our civil institutions are committed.


The founders of TAP do not pretend to have all the answers to these questions. Our contributions have been to raise them, and to draw a seemingly obvious conclusion: ACCOUNTABILITY IS IN ORDER.

Illustration of Political Corruption with bribes and a suitcase of money

Why Fight Corruption and Strive to Restore Integrity to Our Republic?

Truth Booth

Engage in National Forums

Truth Booth
  • Engage in respectful dialogue with interesting neighbors
  • Develop action groups to involve more people in dialogue
Action Groups
  • National Advocacy Campaigns
  • Host webinars for members to promote dialogue, often with the participation of other organizations