9/11 Critic Says ‘Prior Knowledge’ of Corrupt Government Actions Determines if One Will Question the Official Narrative or Not

Truth Activists endeavor to speak truth to power, but if the audience has no prior knowledge of state crimes against democracy they will be unlikely to be skeptical and therefore unlikely to be interested in hearing the truth.

Toward the end of Chapter 13, Prior Knowledge of State Crimes against Democracy and Deep Politics, the author Frances Shure asks, “How does our knowledge of [state crimes against democracy] SCADs and of deep politics influence how we approach individuals with the evidence that indicates our government is lying to us about 9/11?

[The] essay has established that a person’s prior knowledge of high political crimes is key to whether or not they remain silent — or worse — about 9/11. Thus, we 9/11 Truth activists will be more successful in convincing people to accept our information if we first ascertain what our listeners already know. Then we can start a dialogue with them, based on how much knowledge they currently possess, rather than where we want their level of knowledge to be.”

Shure astutely suggests that rather than tell people what we want them to know, to engage in dialogue using questions to find out what someone already knows and build on that. On approach is to find out what an individual already knows and meet them where they are at by asking where they were on 9/11, and what memories they have of it.

Without prior knowledge of deep state / security state operations, committed against domestic figures, JFK, MLK, RFK, Malcolm X, Black Panthers, and CIA against Salvador Allende in Chile, for example, then one would trust the Federal response to the Covid event as reasonable and appropriate.

But, when one looks behind the curtain and can see that the Federal Covid response has been contrived to inflate numbers by deploying an excessively calibrated PCR test; that suppressed the deployment of early treatment protocols with repurposed medicines; to singularly advancing vaccines as the only answer to Covid; to an economic and social lockdown and dividing of society into vaccine acceptors and the refuseniks; only if one is aware of government malfeasance would one doubt that everything is on the up and up with the official response.

It is worth reading Chapter 13, but if not acquainted with this essay, find the introduction and read it as well. The encouraging this about this essay is that it shows that talking about the past is important, and that we need to tell the whole story of impunity by the plutocracy so that it all makes sense as a continuum of crimes against democracy.

In a passage, the author speaks about the damage the deep state / security state has done to the American Republic, which is what the Truth Movement is about, restoring dignity and integrity to government so we the people aren’t dominated by a plutocracy that has seized agencies of the state.

Francis Shure writes: “Add this to the stunning fact that, to date, we have yet to witness a real criminal investigation into the attacks of 9/11, and we clearly see that the United States of America has become a culture of unaccountability. More precisely, there is wholesale impunity for the elite operatives of the deep state, but not for the rest of us.”

A Liberty Caucus, be it in the Green Party, the Democratic Party, or the Republican Party, or Libertarian, would be dedicated to demanding accountability, transparency and whistleblower protections so the Republic can be claimed by We the People.